Mobile Service Teams for Fire Extinguisher Repair and Maintenance

Mobile Fire Equipment Services Nationwide

Experience precision in fire safety with our mobile maintenance services for fire equipment. Our meticulous approach ensures every component is carefully inspected. Trust us for a thorough maintenance process, ensuring your fire extinguishers are in optimal condition, ready for quick and reliable response in case of a fire.

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On-Site Maintenance

Regardless of your location, our mobile teams will come to you and provide high-quality technical maintenance for your fire equipment without disrupting your work process.

We Cover the Entire Country

No matter if you are in a big city or a smaller town, we serve clients nationwide. Don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of your location.

Activities Performed by Our Mobile Services

  • Annual technical maintenance of fire extinguishers: inspection and servicing
  • Repair and refilling of all types of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers
  • Annual technical maintenance of internal fire hydrants and hose systems
  • Annual technical maintenance of all types of external hydrants
  • Technical servicing, maintenance, and repair of fire alarm systems
  • Technical servicing, maintenance, and repair of fire suppression systems
  • Technical servicing, maintenance, and repair of evacuation and emergency lighting
  • Maintenance and servicing of smoke and heat exhaust systems

Mobile Service Teams

Introducing our mobile service teams, our specialized unit designed for efficient maintenance of fire extinguishers anywhere in the country. Our mobile fire extinguisher services are equipped with the latest tools and, combined with our qualified team, provide servicing, inspection, and refilling, ensuring the reliability of your fire protection equipment. Be prepared and secure with our comprehensive services.


Cost Savings

We save unnecessary transportation costs of the equipment to our stationary service base.


Continuous Security

We do not leave the site without available fire extinguishing means during their annual maintenance.


Process Monitoring

We allow you to monitor our activities to see our professional approach firsthand.

Transparent Process

Our commitment to quality and detail makes us the preferred choice for maintaining fire safety. Our specialists follow strict procedures to ensure each fire extinguisher is in optimal condition and ready to function when needed most.

Customer Reviews

Great service. Highly recommend.
Venzi M.
Very polite and correct. Highly recommend.
Vladimir M.
Extremely correct service, and at a high level.
Darena K.
They work quickly and flawlessly.
Plamen A.