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Cooking Oil Pan Fire Stick

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– Simple, Safe And Easy To Use.

When The Pan Is On Fire, Simply Put The Stick Into The Pan And You Can Easily Extinguish The Fire In Seconds.

– No Pressure, Easy To Store.

Stick Fir Extinguisher Is Not The Same As Other Conventional Fire Extinguishers. It Has No Pressure, So It Is Easy To Store. And The Life Of Up To 5 Years.

– Clean, Non – Toxic, And Harmless.

The Extinguisher Agent Is Wet Chemical, And Globally-Recognized Clean Fire Extinguishing Agent.

– Extinguish Fire Within Seconds.

Due To The High Efficiency Of Extinguishing Agent, It Can Be Extinguished In A Few Seconds.

– No Mechanical Parts To Malfunction.

Due To The Simple Composition Of The Product: Wet Chemical Agent, Foil Bags And Carton Packs. No Need Maintenance.

– Cost-Effective, High Effective.

The Composition Is Simple And It Can Extinguish Fire With High Efficiency. It Is A Home Essential Product.

The Cooking Stick can be Set off Till 1lt of Oil.

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Cooking Oil Pan Fire Stick

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