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Double Mask Breathing Apparatus

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6Lt Autonomous Breathing Apparatus, with double mask.



3 minutes more of air are extremely important when one works in critical conditions, during firefighting or in rescuing. For this reason we developed an exclusive system of acoustic alarm integrated in the demand valve that, not wasting any air and using the operator inhalation, warns that the air in the cylinder is finishing up.

A system safe and protected from external agents that extends up to 30% the time available to quit, in all safety, from the operation area.


• No air loss: the warning device, using for its activation the Air that the operator inhales, increases the ammount of Air available for escaping.

• Sealed warning device: the alarm system is always protected from the surrounding environment making it much safer than the traditional whistle. The system cannot be blocked by sand, mud, Foam and other agents that are typically present where the SCBAs are used.

• Self-test: since the alarm is based on the operator’s breathing, one can immediately understand which SCBA is in exhaustion even when there are several RN MK2 in operation.

• Alarm audible in any circumstances: as the alarm is located in the demand valve not only is it closer to the ears than traditional alarm systems but also, as it transmits sound waves through the inhaled air, its tone is more penetrating and has a more distinctive pitch.

• Alarm at any distance: the RN MK2 technology exploits the medium pressure to transmit the alarm signal. This allows the operator to walk away from the cylinder / reducer / gauge group while being able to receive the warning signal in any circumstances.

• Second operator alarm: exploiting the medium pressure, the alarm is audible at every demand valve connected to the same reducer.

Made In Italy

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Double Mask Breathing Apparatus

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