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Equipment for cylinder internal cleaning

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MBK19-ICS80-A Is Designed For The Internal Cleaning Of Cylinders Up To 85 Cm Of Height And 27 Cm Of External Diameter Max 20 Liter. Cleaning Is Performed With A Fully Automatic Cycle Inside The Cylinder Shot-blasting Cabin. The Metallic Microspheres Assure A High-Quality Cleaning Without Damaging The Internal Surface Of The Cylinders Or Leaving Any Residue. The Metallic Microspheres Are Recovered And Separated From The Residual Of Cleaning By Means Of A Device (Cyclone) Allowing To Re-use The Microspheres In The Following Cycles.the Return Flow From The Separator Is Filtered By A Self-cleaning Filter, While The Solid Residuals Are Collected In A Container Easy To Be Emptied.

Available Version:

Power Supply with MBK19-ICS80-A-180 inverter:

400V 50Hz – 85/270 mm Min / Max Cylinder Diameter

– Height 250/850mm

Main Components

• Cylinder Shot – Blasting Cabin

• Separator

• Shot – Blasting Unit

• Self – Cleaning Filter

• Microsphere Recover Pump

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Equipment for cylinder internal cleaning

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