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Extinguishing Bulb (E-Bulb )

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At Home, As Well As In The Industry, There Are Countless Technical Devices And Appliances To Support Our Modern Daily Life. Most Of This Equipment Are Electronic Products Of Some Sort. It Can Be Computers, Dishwashers Or Dryers, Entertainment And Lighting Equipment, Switchboards Or Smart Home Devices. In The Industry, Computer Hardware, Electronic Equipment, Electric Cabinets And Pcb Boards Can Be Found Pretty Much Everywhere.

The advantages at a glance

• Thermo Bulbs Are Proved Safety Products

• Easy To Install

• Operating Temperatures (Ambient, Triggering) Can Be Customized

• Maintenance Free

• Novec™ 3m™ Poses No Health Hazard

• Retrofittable Into Existing Designs

• Non-corrosive Extinguishing Agent

• Zero Odp / Non – Ozone Hazard

• Non – Reactive With Other Materials

• Can Be Used As A Passive Fire Detection And Extinguishing Device (No Power Interruption)

• Non – Conductive Extinguishing Agent

• Reduces Alternative Fault-protection Needs On PCBs

The Solution

For Protecting Life And Property, In Worldwide Spray Industry, There Are Used With Total Success Temperature Activated Thermo Bulbs. Thermo Bulb Breaks At Predefined Temperaturenozzle Opens And Discharges The Agent At Fire For Effective Suppression. Thermo Bulb E-bulb Is The Next Step In Product Development Which Uses The Trusted Sprinkler Technology.


E – Bulb Is Filled With 3m™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid. This Non-toxic, Non-conductive Extinguishing Liquid Is Released Into The Device When The Defined Temperature Is Reached And The Thermo- Bulb Bursts. After Being Initiated, The E-bulb Extinguishes The Fire, And Interrupts The Electric Current. Transition-free, The Liquid Immediately Converts Into Gas. As A Result Of Cooling And (Partly) By Oxygen Reduction, A Fire On A Pcb Will Be Extinguished Within Seconds. And, Because The Current Flow Over The E-Bulb Is Interrupted, The Electric Fire Cannot Re-ignite!

Approvals and references

• Effectiveness Verification by MPA Institute Dresden

• Effectiveness Verified by UL

• VDE Information Testing Successfully Accomplished

• UL Listed

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Extinguishing Bulb (E-Bulb )

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