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Total Flooding, Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems

U.S. Coast Guard studies show that approximately 90% of all Marine Fires start in the engine compartment. The same studies show that only one in ten Marine Fires is successfully extinguished with typical dry-chemical portable fire extinguishers due to the inherent difficulties of fighting a fire manually. In addition, drychemical fire extinguishers leave behind powder that can damage the engine and sensitive electronic equipment.

MOBIAK HFC System is a Safe and Effective Solution to protect Ship’s Machine Room. The system is activated Thermally (without manual intervention) at 79°C, relieving Clean Agent Gas very fast, compared to the reaction time of the crew of the ship, resulting quicker extinction and smaller losses (agent leaves no residue such as powder).

Clean Agents: FE241-® vs. HFC227-ea

A choice of two Halon-replacement Clean Extinguishing Agents are available.

FE-241® (Chlorotetrafluoroethane) is approved for normally unoccupied spaces such as engine rooms and is approved for use in the United States HFC-227 ea Heptafluoropropane) is approved for normally occupied spaces and is approved for use in European Union nations and many other countries due to its zero-ozone depleting properties. Both FE-241® and HFC-227ea are considered suitable Halon replacement agents under the EPA’s SNAP program.

System Advantages

– Discharge is automatic at 79°C

– Total flooding of the engine compartment in less than 10 seconds for last smothering of the fire

– Clean agent Halon substitute gas (FE-241® or HFC-227ea) leaves no harmful residue to clean up

– Protection for small boats up to large yachts with engine rooms from 0,7m³ to 85m³

– Many marine insurance providers offer a discount ot boaters who install all fixed fire extinguisher system

– MOBIAK’s HFC-227 system is currently manufactured in refillable cylinders

– Three-year Limited Warranty

Approvals & Certifications

MOBIAK HFC-227 System is approved by Factory Mutual, U.S.C.G., and Bureau Veritas. Additionally, all systems containing HFC-227ea are approved to EN ISO 9094-1 and EN ISO 9094-2 Standards by Bureau Veritas, Rina and Factory Mutual and are CE certified.

Selecting Your System

Three MOBIAK model series are available:

MA2 Series

– Automatic discharge with optional manual discharge when used with a Manual Discharge Cable

– Engine rooms up to 42m³

– Vertical or horizontal mounting allowed

– FE-241® or HFC-227ea

CG2 Series

– Automatic discharge only

– Engine rooms up to 28m³

– Vertical or horizontal mounting allowed

– FE-241® or HFC-227ea

GA Series

– Two-cylinder System for larger vessels with engine rooms from 42m³ to 85m³

– Cylinders are linked with flexible, braided stainless steel hosing allowing for a near simultaneous discharge of both cylinders

– Requires the installation of Manual Discharge Cable Mechanism

– Vertical mounting only

– HFC-227ea only



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