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Insulating Cover for Lithium-Ion Batteries, 1.5×1.5m, 1400°C, Reusable, indirect application

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The insulating cover is specifically designed to limit fire and prevent the rapid spread of flames caused by ignited lithium-ion batteries. It withstands high temperatures for extended periods, offering protection against potential debris during a battery fire. Ideal for manufacturers, transporters, or storage facilities dealing with lithium-ion batteries or devices containing them.

  • Operating temperature up to 1400°C
  • Fire-resistant fabric, 0.8 cm thick, 600 g/m²
  • Size: 1.5×1.5 m
  • Reinforced seams, edges, and corners
  • Handles at all four corners for ease of use

Application in Case of Fire in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: If you hear hissing sounds and see smoke in the area where the battery is located, place the insulating cover over the vehicle.

Denifire offers a comprehensive range of products for protection against fires related to lithium-ion batteries. Although these batteries provide efficient energy storage solutions, there is growing concern about the high risk of fire due to their unique chemical composition, which causes thermal runaway. Thermal runaway is a phenomenon where the internal temperature of battery cells increases uncontrollably, which can occur due to various factors such as overcharging, physical damage, manufacturing defects, or high temperatures. This can lead to fires or explosions with extremely toxic fumes and intense heat, posing a serious health risk and being difficult to control with conventional firefighting equipment.


Insulating Cover for Lithium-Ion Batteries, 1.5x1.5m, 1400°C, Reusable, indirect application

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