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200l Trolley Foam Generator

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Trolley Foam Generator Is, Suitable For Special Occasions And Urgent Fire Suppression Needs, Where Conventional Extinguishers May Prove Ineffective. The Foam Generator

Must Be Connected To Water Supply. It Is Suitable For Use In Fuels, Colors, Dissolvers And Other Flammable Liquids.


• Foam – Water Mixer made of Aluminum. Max flow rate: 400Lt/min. Approx.

Weight: 2.40Kg. Thread: 2″ male.

• Foam suction hose fitted to the mixer with filter. Thread: 1″. Length: 1,5mm

• Foam – Water discharge nozzle made of Aluminum with Flow Switch and Lever.

WP: 16bar

TP: 24bar

Weight: 2.70Kg

Length: 680mm

Thread: 2¨ BSP

Max Flow Rate: 215Lt / min at 5bar

• 2 Fire Hoses 2″ WP 15BAR with Galvanized Couplings and Protective Seeves

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200l Trolley Foam Generator

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