Metal Cabinets and Storage Boxes for Fire Equipment

Fire Hose Reels and Cabinets for Internal Fire Hydrants

Fire hose reels are manufactured according to EN 671 standards. We offer models for internal and external mounting, with options including solid metal doors, glazed doors, or fully glass doors. For locations where wall mounting is not applicable, we provide standing cabinets. More details about our standard models and sizes can be found in our product catalog. Our series with stainless steel locks is suitable for luxury interiors.

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Our designers are ready to create and manufacture fire hose reels according to the requirements of any designer and investor.


Custom sizes, RAL colors, matte and glossy finishes, different types of locks, and the option for a fire alarm button.

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Fire Cabinets for Extinguishers and Other Equipment

Our fire cabinets are suitable for storing fire extinguishers both indoors and outdoors. Their design and coatings protect equipment from sun and moisture. Ideal for parking lots, construction sites, and buildings with children. We offer models for portable and wheeled extinguishers, some with compartments for blankets, sand buckets, shovels, and personal protective equipment. Standard models are in RAL 3000, but we accept custom orders.

Sand Containers

Sand containers are essential for gas stations, parking lots, chemical warehouses, and more. Available in capacities of 36L, 46L, 80L, 100L, and 150L, some can be made mobile on wheels. Our foldable sand container is perfect for construction sites and emergency areas.

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Standing Racks and Holders for Fire Extinguishers

To comply with regulations, fire extinguishers must be mounted at least 3 cm off the floor. When wall mounting is not possible, we offer a variety of standing racks and holders in different RAL colors.

Other Equipment

  • Metal indicator panels and signs
  • Medical cabinets, metal first aid boxes
  • Collector boxes and inspection doors
  • Cabinets for electrical equipment
  • Storage cabinets for luggage and archival metal cabinets
  • Metal lockers for dressing rooms, made of 0.8 mm thick steel for maximum stability, with ventilation openings and nameplate space, customizable with shelves and hooks.
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