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ΑMFE – Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher

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Built-in security

AMFE (Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher) Reliably Protects Devices And Equipment In Industry, Household And Consumer Electronics Such As Cabinets, Home Appliances, Televisions, Etc. Against The Dangers Of Fire. The Amfe Detects And Extinguishes The Fire Inside The Device, Preventing The Spread Of A Fire.


S-AMFE / AMFE with Sensor Connections

The AMFE Not Only Releases The Extinguishing Gas But Also Signals That It Has. In Installations Where Accessibility Is Limited, The Amfe Can Be Connected To A Monitoring System By Two Connectors For Reading A Signal. Permanently Controlling If The Amfe Has Been Initiated (E.g. Line Control Through A Plc Or Monitoring Device) Allows For Precise Knowledge About The Status Of Whether And Where A Fire Might Have Started In An Otherwise Hard To Reach Installation. The S – AMFE Is Rated For Typical Plc Signals Of 24v/48v And 1000ma. The Connectors Are Standardized (6,3mm Blade Terminals), But Customizations Are Possible

R-AMFE / AMFE which Can Additionally be Triggered Remotely

The R-AMFE Works Like A Conventional Amfe, Releasing The Extinguishing Gas When The Thermobulb Bursts After The Activation Temperature Has Been Reached By Heat (As In A Sprinkler). Additionally, The R-amfe Can Be Remotely Triggered By Activating A Current Signal Into The R-amfe Causing A Fast And Precise Increase Of The Heat At The Bulb, Ultimately Resulting In A Burst Of The Thermob- ulb Assembled And Release Of The Extinguishing Gas. R-AMFE Can Also Work Much Faster Than A Traditional Amfe If Controlled By A Monitoring Device Which Also Reads E.g. Smoke Detector Signals And, Upon The Early Detection Of Smoke, Initiates The Signal To Release TheR-AMFE Even Before Significant Enough Heat Buildup. The Applied Current Defines The Time Until The R-AMFE Is Initiated. As Application Requirements For TheR-AMFE Are Customer Specific, Consulting The Manufacturer Is Required To Define Electrical And Mechanical Details To Guaranty Reliable And Sufficient Operation.

The Function

Due To Rising Heat In A Fire Scenario The Pressure Inside The Glass Bulb Increases. After The Predetermined Operating Temperature Of The Heat Sensitive Glass Bulb Is Reached, The

Glass Bulb Bursts Into Small Fragments And Triggers A Mechanism That Releases The Gas From The Cylinder. The Extinguishing Medium Is Released Through The Holes In The Outlet Body And Extinguishes The Fire When The Fire Is Still In An Early Stage. The Quick Operation And The Effective Extinguishing Of The Fire Prevents Further Expansion Of The Fire And And Helps Keeping Damage Small.

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ΑMFE - Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher

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