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FK 5-1-12 is an odorless, colorless, electrically non-conductive fluid which evaporates rapidly. Designed as a replacement for Halon. It has a minimum environmental impact and negligible global warming effect and has the lowest design concentration and higher safety margin than Halon. The effect of ozone is zero and the lifetime in the atmosphere is extremely low, only 5 days. This makes it an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent.

This material is designed to protect equipment in sensitive and important areas, including telecommunications equipment museums, archives, etc., which would suffer irreparable harm if was used traditional extinguishing Sprinkler systems.

It has the appearance of the Water (liquid at atmospheric pressure), spins and flows in similar way, it does not damage the equipment. It is particularly useful in fighting fires where Water can cause more damage than the fire itself or where the use of Water is simply not feasible such as in banks, museums and hospitals.

Electronic devices can be immersed into a vessel with FK 5-1-12 without causing the slightest damage – for this reason the material used widely in fire protection systems in computer processing centers data, etc.

The material is stored in cylinders as a liquid pressurized with Nitrogen and when Discharged it turns into a colorless and odorless gas. In the system FK 5-1-12, the cylinders are pressurized with Nitrogen at 24bar or 42bar (at 20°C). This low pressure allows the use of convetional piping and fitting reducing installation costs.


– Alternative to Halon

– High efficiency with Low Extinguishing Concentration (5.3%)

– FK 5-1-12 looks like Water but does not wet objects

– High Safety Margin (79 % secure)

– Minimum Installation Footprint

– Environmentally Friendly

– Atmospheric Lifetime only 5 days

– Not restricted by the Kyoto Protocol

– Has Low Viscosity and Easy Handling

– Non – toxic, non – corrosive and electrically non – conductive

– Easy to Refill

– No restrictions for sea, air or land transport

– International adoption of ISO 14520-5, NFPA 2001


FK 5-1-12 can be effectivelly used in Total Flooding applications in the following areas:

– Data Processing Rooms

– Telecommunications, Communications Centers, Server Rooms

– Computer Rooms

– Cargo Ships and Vehicles

– Engine Compartments

– False Floors and Cealings

– Archives, Museums, Libraries, etc.



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