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Automatic fire extinguishing system DIAS by Deni Fire

To protect your space from fires, it is important to have reliable fire protection systems. Deni Fire offers the DIAS automatic fire extinguishing system, designed to prevent the spread of fire in professional and home kitchens, as well as in industrial premises. These systems use an ABF-water chemical extinguishing agent, suitable for class A fires (solid combustible materials), class B fires (flammable liquids), and class F fires (cooking oils and fats). The fire extinguishing process goes through several stages – initially, the water chemical forms a surface layer (crust) that stops the access of oxygen to the burning surface. At the same time, the water in the extinguishing agent quickly absorbs the heat, thereby stopping the burning process without the possibility of re-ignition.

avtomatichna pojarogasitelna sistema

The DIAS automatic system includes a linear thermal cable that detects the fire at an early stage and activates the system at various critical temperatures – 68, 138, 180, and 251°C, ensuring maximum protection of equipment and room safety. Deni Fire provides services for customized design and installation of fire extinguishing systems, tailored to the specific needs and risks of each room. Incorporating DIAS into your protection strategy ensures peace of mind and safety.