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Smart Home Solutions for Enhanced Safety and Security in Your Home by Deni Fire

Deni Fire introduces its new line of wireless fire alarm solutions, ideal for buildings with limited cabling installation capabilities. The offerings include fully wireless and hybrid systems, providing flexibility and convenience. Additionally, the company introduces innovative air quality monitors and a variety of sensors to ensure your safety.


Smart Home Integration

In the modern era, where technology and automation are transforming our work environment, Deni Fire presents its new series of smart fire alarm devices. These products are designed to offer efficient and easy-to-integrate solutions for buildings and sites where cabling installation is impractical, such as old buildings, temples, and construction sites. The series facilitates engineers, architects, and designers to implement certified (EN54-25) wireless fire detection systems.

This new line enables the creation of fully wireless or hybrid systems, combining wired and wireless components into one system, providing design freedom. Thanks to special transceivers, communication between wireless devices and the control panel is seamless, similar to traditional wired systems. Additionally, wireless signal repeaters ensure extra reliability.

The Smart Home series includes a variety of smart home and business devices, including air quality monitors, CO2 and propane sensors, as well as award-winning RED DOT DESIGN AWARD fire alarm smoke and heat detectors, temperature, humidity, and flood sensors. These innovations offer high-quality security and comfort solutions for any space.

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Complete Range of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Suppression Systems from Deni Fire

Protect your home or business with the high-quality and innovative products and solutions for passive and active fire protection offered by Deni Fire. We provide all types of fire equipment, a complete range of fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire alarms, and emergency equipment.

We value safety, that’s why we invest in quality!